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• $1 US Dollar = $1,887.44 tughrik

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Introduction Summary

The overview talks about how their economy was really down their, but then they started to become higher in the world. Their economy was just a farming and agriculture economy, and thats all they would sell. What they didn't know is that their were a ton of minerals right below their feet. They figured out that, so then they made the Oyu Tolgi Mine. The mine finds minerals like Gold, Copper, Uranium, tungsten, gold, and Molybdenum. Then they started selling that to mostly China. then the Soviets wanted the mine , so they tried to pay for it. Mongolia didn't give it to them. The thing is Mongolia received at the time things like gas, electricity, and other supplies from the Soviets. The when that was happening the Chinese started gaining less interest in all of the minerals that they were mining. Mongolia still held on to it and are a good country.

Mongolia GDP

•$17.03 billion

Mongolia GDP Per Capitca


Mongolia % Below Poverty


Imports & Exports

Imports - Supplies that your country buys from other countries

Exports - Supplies your country has and sells to other countries

Why it is Bad to Have More Imports than Exports

•if you have more imports than you spend more money

•less exports than that is the less money your country has

Imports & Exports

Imports ~ machinery and equipment, fuel, cars, food products, industrial consumer goods, chemicals, building materials, cigarettes and tobacco, appliances, soap and detergent

$5.696 Billion

Exports ~ copper, apparel, livestock, animal products, cashmere, wool, hides, fluorspar, other nonferrous metals, coal, crude oil

$4.294 Billion


Since Mongolia started mining it transformed their economy to be way better. Mongolia has sold their minerals all over to countries. Mongolia was just an agriculture and farming economy, but then they discovered all of these minerals that were right under them, so they changed their economy.

Import and Export Partners

Import Partners

China 37.5%, Russia 25.6%, US 9.4%, South Korea 6.1%, Japan 4.9%

Export Partners

China 89%, Canada 4.1%

Debt 2012-2013

$4.669 billion December 31, 2012

$4.954 billion December 31, 2013