By: Emily Zimmer

Mars's Location and Roation

Mars is 141,600,000 miles away from the sun making it the fourth planet in our Solar System. Mars has a more eccentric orbit than Earth taking it 686.971 Earth days to orbit the sun (1.88 years). It takes Mars a little longer to rotate around it’s own axis than Earth, Mars takes 24.62 hours to rotate. Since the years are longer on Mars the axial tilt is different.

Have you ever wondered what Mars looks like?

Mars has an uniquely red global surface that is marked by many interesting features - some of those features are like ones on Earth and others strangely different. The reddish color is caused by rust (iron oxide) in the soil. Some of these features are; volcanoes, canyon systems, river beds, cratered terrain, and dune fields. Of these features, the most interesting ones include the apparently dead volcano Olympus Mons( in the picture), which rises 75,000 ft above the surface surrounding it and is the highest known peak in the Solar System. Valles Marineris is a giant canyon system that runs about 2,500 miles across the surface of the planet. This canyon system reaches a depth of 4 miles(for comparison, the Grand Canyon is not more than 1 mile deep).

Did you know Mars has seasons too?

Mars has all four seasons just like Earth, but on Mars the seasons are not the same length as each other nor are they the same in each hemisphere. In the northern hemisphere spring is the longest season. In this hemisphere the seasons break down like this: Spring…7 months, Summer…6 months, Fall…5.3 months, and Winter…just over 4 months. In the south, seasons are not exactly the same length as the north, but they are similar; however, the temperatures can be as much as 30 C warmer

Discovery of Mars

Due to the very bright and easy to spot planet, scientists don't know who discovered Mars.

Why would someone want to take a vacation to Mars

On Mars I am 6.7 years old and my next birthday would be Thursday, September 19, 2013. Our birthdays aren’t the same day every year on Mars because the years are longer. It would be better to live on Mars because if you lived on any other inner planet you would be a lot older. On Mercury I am 53 years old.

How would a Human Being suvive on Mars

Mars is smaller than Earth so the planet can't hold on to much of an atmosphere, so it would be really hard to breath. If you take a trip to Mars, when you get to the special airport where your airplane will be waiting, the workers checking you in will give you a bag filled with a life time supply of air so you can breath and have some fun! The air comes in a bag that you can fit in your pocket. You would think it would be to small to hold all the air, but the air never runs out. There is a tube that comes out of the bag and you put it in your nose so you get the air. The tube doesn't get in the way of having a fun time.
How to Get to Mars. Very Cool! HD