Fabulous First Grade News

March 2 - 6

What's Happening?

March 2-6 - Book Fair

March 2 - Open House / Read Across America

March 5 - 120th Day of School

March 9-13 - Spring Break

March 17-18 - 3rd and 4th grade Benchmarks

March 24 - Spring Pictures

March 30- Staff Development / No school for students


3D Map project is due Monday on March 2nd. (Points will be taken off for late projects)

**This is a TEST grade for Science and Social Studies.**

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Read Across America / Dr. Seuss Day

Red Oak Elementary students and staff are invited to celebrate Dr. Seuss Day and Read Across America on March 2. Students and staff may dress up as their favorite Dr. Seuss character, wear red, white and blue for Read Across America or a spirit shirt and jeans. We can't wait to celebrate reading as a campus.

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What We Are Learning


Sight words - more, or

Reading - Synthesize information to create new understanding with adult assistance.

Writing - Dictate or compose informational texts, including procedural texts.

Phonics - decoding words with vowel teams, including vowel digraphs and diphthongs.


Foundations of numbers to 120

We will generate a number less than a given number up to 120.

We will skip count by 2's, 5's, and 10's to determine the total # of objects up to 120 in a set.

We will recite numbers forward and backward from any given number to 120.


We will analyze and record examples of interdependence found in various situations such as terrariums and aquariums or pet and caregiver.

Social Studies

We will create and use simple maps such as maps of the home, classroom, school, and community.

Save the Date

March 2 is our Open House and the beginning of our Spring Book Fair. We hope to see you at Open House. It's a great opportunity to get an update on the excitement of the year. We have lots of success to celebrate.

We will also begin field trips for grades in the coming weeks. We love to have parent chaperones. If you are available to attend, please sign up on the Volunteer Program. Information is located at the bottom of this newsletter. Also, please check out our ROE Learning Commons Newsletter below. We have a lot of amazing things taking place in our Learning Commons.

Thank you for your continued partnership.

Megan Corns


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