Wish You Were Dead

Lesly Espinoza

Story Element

Wish You Were Dead takes place in Soundveiw high during the present. The main conflict in the story is that teenagers keep disappearing and are nowhere to be found. The police don't even know how or why. The book begins with Madison and Tyler dropping a school friend named Lucy off at her house. The next day at school, Lucy doesn't show up and goes missing. Now Madison tries to find out what is happening when her own friends are in danger.

Character Analysis

Madison is brave, aware, and smart. During the book she gets determined to find her friends, Courtney, Adam and Lucy once they go missing. One of the reasons i like Madison is because threw out the book she goes from this shy girl who doesn't defend herself, to this girl who can speak up for her self, and fight for her friends. The Relation between Madison and Ms. Skellinton change drastically threw out the book. In the beginning her and Madison have always been nice to each other, but towards the end Ms. Skellinton starts to pick on Madison in front of the whole class, and call her names.


The Theme is never giving up, even when things look bad. For Instance, when Madison starts getting mysterious messages she never gives up trying to find out who they were from. Another Example is from when Tyler gets trapped in a cage and tries to get out. Tyler kept getting caught and got tortured, but he kept to escape and manages to get out. After all the obstacles Madison and her friends have faced they managed to stop all the weird things that have been happening in Soundview.


i would rate the novel a 8 out of 10. The reason i gave the book and 8 is because i felt like it was an amazing book, but it was also sort of predicable towards the middle. I feel like in a way teens can relate to this novel because people go missing a lot now, and sometimes when the police can't find them there family and friends don't give up and keep trying to look for answers. Even when things look bad, they still have hope.