The Xact App

By: Serene Lindgren and Ann Moon


The XACT app will show you which option would be the best for you to choose, either about minor details like food, or major details, like which car to buy.


The XACT app for you!

Purpose of Invention

To let people be able to make a decision without having to have a second thought.

Steps to inventing

I got the idea over the summer, when I chose my instrument. I was deciding on either the French Horn or the Clarinet. I went back and forth playing each one 3 times. I chose the French Horn that day, because I liked it and the teacher was nice. But then, over a week later, I switched to clarinet. So I decided to make an app where you can make the right choice and stick with it. It would be hard to make the app because it would take a lot of coding and work.

Results of Survey

One person said they used electronics weekly, would buy our products, and thought our idea was great. Another person didn't think the cost was good, but liked the idea and used electronics everyday.

Price of the product

The price of the app will be $5.99, because this app will be very helpful to you.


This app will help those who have difficulty making choices, but can also be for fun, asking random questions just to see the answers. Any age can use this app, young or old. Thank you for listening to our product and our presentation.