The Libya Letter

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Libya and its land

Libya is a dry, desert country in North Africa. It is slightly larger than Alaska. It's population is 5,500,000 people. Tripoli is the capital, and where most people live. Temperatures can reach as high as 110 degrees Fahrenheit, or 43 degrees Celsius. Libya has no permanent rivers, but it does have a large aquifer. The Sahara Desert covers over 90% of Libya!

Erg Creates Huge Sinkhole

On March 9 around Tripoli, an erg shifted so much that it created a sinkhole. At least 3 people fell in, but only 1 person got rescued in time. The man who was rescued, John Snekle, said that he was scared out of his mind. The sinkhole is at least 40 feet deep, and 35 feet wide. The people of Libya say that they are scared. People in Tripoli are moving south toward Chad in hopes of feeling safer.
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Libya Orders Embargo on Chad

Over the weekend, Libya and Chad had a disagreement. Leaders of Libya say that the leaders of Chad have been cheating them of their money. Libya leaders say that when they bought oil from Chad, that it cost 2,000 dollars more than it was supposed to. Chad leaders say that they haven't been getting good business, so they needed to raise their prices. Until further notice, Libya has ordered an embargo on Chad until they drop their prices. As of now, Libya is getting its oil from Egypt.
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What Exactly Does Libya Spend Their Oil Money On?

Libya is a strong oil rich country. Many countries buy oil from them. But what exactly does Libya spend its oil money on? Food for their people is most important. They import lots of bananas, and grain too. Almost one fourth of Libya's population is poor, and many people don't get enough food to eat. Also, education and health is very important to Libya's people. Schools and hospitals use a lot of Libya's money. With the war going on with Morocco, a lot of money goes for a stronger military. Recently, 20 tanks have been purchased and more than 100 weapons.
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The Aswan Dam

For many years, people have been arguing weather the Aswan Dam is good or not. There are many good things about it, but also many bad. One good thing is that the dam gives people control over flood waters. Floods can be very dangerous, and can kill crops. Also, we can store water behind the dam to turn into drinkable water. Many people in Africa are without water, and it is a necessity to humans. But with good things must come bad. The Aswan Dam blocks the flow of silt causing crops to do weaker. It also gives less freshwater.
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All About the Sahara

As you may know, theSahara desert covers about 90% of Libya. The Sahara is the largest desert in the world. Sahara comes from the Arabic word meaning desert. Temperatures in the Sahara can reach from 86 degrees Fahrenheit to 116 degrees Fahrenheit. It is very hard to travel across. In Libya, many towns are right in the middle of the Sahara.
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