Yoko Ono

Singer - Peace Activist - Artist

Who is Yoko Ono?

"A dream you dream may be a dream, but a dream two people dream together is a reality."

- Grapefruit, Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono is a Japanese multimedia artist, singer, and peace activist born on February 18, 1933 in Tokyo, Japan. Many of her artworks and exhibitions are tributes to her deceased husband John Lennon including: "Come Together: John Lennon's Words and Music" a memorial concert for the 9/11 attacks, "My Mummy Was Beautiful" a dedication to John Lennon's mother, Julia who died during his teenage years. Alongside many works in tribute to her spouse, Yoko has partaken in various world peace projects and artwork, some including: Cut Piece, Fluxus, and Grapefruit.

"Use your blood to paint. Keep painting until you faint. Keep painting until you die."

- Grapefruit, Yoko Ono

Other Attributions

Yoko is also well known for her music, before her long hiatus due to the passing of John Lennon. In 2001, Yoko released her feminist concept album, "Blueprint for a Sunrise".

In April of 2003, a remix of Yoko's song "Walking on Thin Ice" charted at No.1 on Billboards Dance/Club Play chart, and many other singles held the first place title as well.

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Imagine Peace Tower

A white stone column of light projecting 15 searchlights, engraved with the words "Imagine Peace" translated into 24 different languages, a tribute to John Lennon's "Imagine" peace anthem. Located in Viðey Island, Kollafjörður Bay, Iceland. Construction began October 9, 2006 and was open to the public October 9, 2007.