The Mayan Tribe

by: Ava Yost

Where they lived

  1. My Native American tribe is the Mayans and they lived in Mexico and Central America


2. The Mayans called their homes pyramids, they were made out of organic resources such as wood, thatch, vine, reed, and they used clay and mud to make a substance like plaster.

What they did

3. Mayans did many different things. The women mostly stayed home and helped with the children while the men would go out and hunt.

What they used

4. For tools the Mayans used an atal which holds a dart and/or a javelin, they also used darts, spears, blow guns which is like a gun but to use it you have to blow, and bow and arrows. Most were made of wood, blades, and/or obsidian.

What they ate

5. The Mayans ate corn, beans, squash, turtle, dove, and shrimp. They would get corn, beans, and squash by farming and get turtle, dove, and shrimp by hunting.

Fun Facts

6. Some fun facts about the Mayans include… 1. The Mayan Ruins in Mexico are over 2,300 years old. 2. The Mayan civilization was in 2600 B.C. 3. Mayans are excellent cookers and doctors