Jefferson Traditional Middle School's Newsletter

March 16, 2020

Admin Corner

We are in unfamiliar territory with COVID-19 and what is going on in schools right now. Dr. Cummings has canceled school March 17 through March 29, at that point he will evaluate where we are and make a decision moving forward.

We are going to be on Extended E-Learning during the next two weeks. Students are doing a practice E-learning day today at school so expectations can be shared with the classes. Each student will have 20 minutes of work for each class to work on during the E-learning days. Teachers will be on office hours from 9-4 each day to answer questions. They are expected to respond to students' emails within 30 minutes. It is important that we continue the learning and that you are checking in with your students to make sure their work is being completed.

The school will be closed during the extended E-learning. Ms. Richardson and Mr. Hardman will be observing office hours during the close. If you have any questions, please call the office at 574-393-4100 and we will respond back within 24 hours.


Lisa Richardson, Jory C. Hardman, and Jeff R. Hemmerlein


Any current 6th or 7th grade student who has not yet turned in a course selection sheet for 2020-2021 elective classes can either scan and email their completed form to Mrs. Fuller or fill out the form on google. If a selection sheet has already been turned in, please do not complete the google form. If you have any questions about scheduling, please email Mrs. Fuller (jfuller@sb.school) Please use this link:

Upcoming Events

None scheduled at this time


We are in the season where E-Learning can be called any day. We have done practice E-Learning already so the students are ready. If you have any questions, please use the FAQs below. Any questions please call the office 393-4100

Reminder of Jefferson Expectations

  • All cell phones should be stored in lockers during the school day; all visible phones will be collected and picked up by parents. NO pictures or videos at the school of students.

  • Inappropriate touching each other is not allowed at school. No kissing, cuddling, no “horseplay”, running, etc. in halls

  • Every student should have a book. Ask your child about what they are reading.

  • Students that have been suspended from school can not participate in quarterly incentives.


6-8 public middle school serving students in the

South Bend Community School Corporation.