What is Cyberbullying?

  • Cyberbullying is a type of bullying that takes place using electronic technology
  • Electronic technology includes devices like phones, computers and tablets as well as social media websites, text messages, and chat
  • This type of bullying can happen 24/7, and can reach the victim even when they are alone
  • Cyberbullying tends to be done anonymously and in front of a very broad audience

Effects of Cyberbullying

People who are bullied online are more likely to:

  • use alcohol and drugs
  • skip schools, be unwilling to attended school and receive poor grades
  • experience in-person bullying
  • have lower self-esteem and have more health problems

Consequences for Cyberbullies

  • Cyberbullying may rise to the level of a misdemeanor cyberharassment
  • If the bully is young enough they may result in the charge of juvenile delinquency
  • Parents of the victim may try to press criminal charges
  • It may result in the bully of loosing their online accounts or ability to use their devices
  • If hacking or password and identity theft is involved, they can be charged with serious criminal charges under federal or state law

What Can You Do?

  • Treat everyone with respect
  • Stand up for others
  • Report it if you see it happening
  • Don't join in
  • Stop and think before saying anything that can hurt someone


  • 43% of teens have been bullied online and 1 in 4 has had it happen more than once
  • 70% of teens report seeing frequent bullying online
  • 68% of teens agree that cyberbullying is a serious problem
  • 90% of teens have seen bullying on social-media but chose to ignore it
  • 81% of teens say that cyberbullying is easier to get away with than bullying in person

The Rise in Cyberbullying

  • In 2010-2011 about 9% of students in grades 6-12 reported experiencing cyberbullying
  • In 2013 15% of high schoolers reported being bullied via social media and technology

Cyberbullying in Real Life

Amanda Todd

Amanda Todd was a 15 year old girl and she was constantly tortured by the people around her. When she was in 7th grade she met a stranger online who threatened, blackmailed, and stalked her for years. The stranger had an inappropriate picture of her and they quickly sent it to everyone she knew. She lost all of her friends and respect, and she started abusing drugs and alcohol. She moved several times to try and escape the bully but he followed her where ever. Amanda began to self harm and her social anxiety got so bad that she couldn't leave the house. She posted a video of her story on YouTube but the comment sections were filled with things like "You deserve it" and "Kill yourself". People at her school beat her up and she attempted suicide twice. In October 2012 she ended up killing herself.

Ryan Halligan

Ryan Halligan was a 13 year old boy who lived in Vermont. A girl in his class had told him she had a crush on him while they were talking online. He expressed his feelings and told her his secrets but she was telling everyone else at the school what he said. Other kids made fun of him and rumors started to go around that he was gay. The bullying continued at school when people read the conversations between Ryan and the girl who pretended to like him. The torment continued for two years until he couldn't take it anymore and took his own life on October 7, 2003.


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