By: Sidney Craig (:


Achievement: Farmers raised many things.

Impact on Ancestry Mesopotamia: It gave them food for their town.

Impact on Modern Society: By keeping those things alive, they give us a source of food.

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Achievement: Many medicine tablets came from the modern scholars.

Impact on Ancestry Mesopotamia: Using pills, and liquid medicine helped people from dying.

Impact on Modern Society: Helps us people when we get ill.


Achievement: Dancers danced for many special occasions.

Impact on Ancestry Mesopotamia: Dancing was entertaining to the people, and it gave them something to do.

Impact on Modern Society: Can go to college for it. Also, it gives us something to do and is entertaining to people.


Achievement: Water was stored in pottery jars.

Impact on Ancestry Mesopotamia: Giving the people something to do.

Impact on Modern Society: Water keeps us hydrated and living.


Achievement: Made temples in the middle of their town.

Impact on Ancestry Mesopotamia: Made them feel like they were talking to the gods.

Impact on Modern Society: It gave us churches instead of building temples. So we can be closer to the gods.

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