Poetry Project

You will create a project that showcases poetry!

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Project information:

You will create a book to reflect on and showcase your poetry, as well as 2 poems that you find that are meaningful to you. The contents of your book will be:

Cover - The cover should be neat, creative, colorful and include the title of the project, your name, date and class period.

Table of contents - You should include one page that gives the order of the poems in your project.

11 original poems - Each poem should be on a separate sheet in the book.

2 poems from another author - Each poem should be on a separate sheet in the book.

Illustration - at least ONE of the 13 poems should include a hand-drawn and colorful illustration that reflects upon the poem's meaning. The illustration should be on the same page with the poem in your book.

Poetry analysis/reflection - Use the Google Doc to reflect and analyze poetry. Neatly hand write or type and include in your poetry book.

There should be approximately 15 pages in this book.

Types of poems that YOU have already written to include in your project:

  1. Reverse
  2. Clarihew
  3. Acrostic
  4. Five senses
  5. Cinquain
  6. Paint chip
  7. Book spine
  8. Roll the dice

**These should already be in your English notebook**

Poems you must write to include in your project:

Choose THREE from any of the following types of poems to write and include in your project:

  1. Haiku (must include at least 2 haiku)
  2. Song Titles poem (at least 6 lines)
  3. Free Verse (at least 10 lines)
  4. Limerick
  5. Poetry reflection on a piece of art or music (does not have to rhyme, at least 10 lines)
  6. List poem (at least 10 lines)
  7. "I Am" poem (see below)
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Write a poem reflecting on one of the following pieces of art.

Ask yourself -

How does it make me feel? (excited, joyful, full or sorrow or sadness?)

How did the artist feel? Why did they create this piece of art?

What is happening?

Who are the people?

What is the situation/story?

Use the answers to help you create your poem.

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Choose TWO poems from another author:

Find at least 2 other poems with at least 2 stanzas and/or 10 lines that you enjoy reading. Make sure you have the title and author for each poem on your project

Illustrate at least ONE of your poems:

You can choose to illustrate ANY of the poems included in your project. It can be one that you have written or one that you found from another poet. The illustration should be on the page with the poem and be colorful and neat.


See the Google Doc for a format for your Poetry reflection/analysis. When complete, print or neatly handwrite and include in your final poetry project.

For PreAP only:

You must also include a written interpretation of "Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll. Please include the original poem side-by-side with your version replacing the nonsense words. Then, write 2-3 sentences explaining whether you like the nonsense version or your version better and why.
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