Update from THIS I.F.




K-2 will have a Math Benchmark which are task assessments similar to the K-2 Assessment. I will give these out on Monday.

3-5 will have both a Reading and Math Benchmark similar to an EOG. The reading is cumulative and the math should cover approximately what you have covered so far this year. The Benchmarks will need to be completed by Friday. K-2 will need to put the class summary of scores in my box by Monday. 3-5 will need to put all like scan sheets together and label--you can put on my desk, in my box or on the table near the white board in the resource room by Monday so I can get these scanned.

If you have questions about Benchmarks--let me know as soon as possible.

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I have never written a blog before but wanted to share strategies, lesson ideas and some "THIS Information" about Reading. I currently have only one post and have not given the link to anyone--until now! My first post is about fictional text and the importance of understanding fictional text structure. My second post will be ways to incorporate BIG 5 into K-2 and how to amp it up for 3-5. This is not required but I am hoping it is something helpful. Please make a comment where it says leave your thought. You can add strategies that you are using to teach fictional text structure for others. If you have something you want to know more about or want to share--let me know and we can include it.

I hope this is something that will be helpful and I am open to feedback.

Thank you!