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Employment and Education Action Group

Employment and Education Action Group

Fairfield High School is proud to be working with HopePlus and STARTTS as part of the Employment and Education Action Group on the development of a program addressing youth unemployment. While the meeting on the 15th of February was only the first meeting, the was a joint consensus and excitement that we were all working together on something that would have a profound positive impact on our community.

Local Business and Community Organisation Morning Tea

Thank you to the Business and Community Groups that attended our morning tea on 26 February. It was a wonderful opportunity to share our vision, to network and develop partnerships, and to invite the involvement of business and the community in Fairfield High School initiatives. The next morning tea will be on 13 May.

Easter at Fairfield Nursing Home

On Tuesday 22nd March, Year 9 TAS students and our Prep class spent the morning celebrating Easter with the residents at the nursing home. Guided by Lillian and Leanne our Year 9 TAS students made cupcakes and prepared Easter eggs for the residents. It was lovely to see the residents faces upon receiving the Easter gifts.
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Literacy Buddies

This week Year 7 Lansdowne started working on a new Daystar Foundation program called Literacy Buddies.

This is the result of Daystar Foundation partnering with Ardoch Youth Foundation in Victoria to offer the Literacy Buddies® program to Sydney schools.

Ardoch's Literacy Buddies® is an in-school program in which a class of students (approximately 25 "Little Buddies") and their corporate volunteer "Big Buddies" exchange monthly letters, with the goal of encouraging students to read and write, and provide meaningful interactions with positive working adult role models.

Literacy Buddies® develops:

  • Strong relationships between Big and Little Buddies
  • Team building and community awareness for volunteers
  • Positive working role models for children
  • School-study-work pathways and aspirations
  • Literacy skills, social and life skills
  • Connections between schools and local communities and businesses

National Day of Action Against Anti Bullying and Violence

Fairfield High School and Community First Step partnered in presenting National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence. The National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence encourages all students to 'take a stand together' against bullying and violence in schools, the classroom and beyond. Fairfield High School will run a special program on the 18th of March focusing on students who are victims and perpetrators of bullying and as a consequence are often also disengaged from their studies. The day will start with students taking an important pledge to ‘Take Action Against Bullying and Violence' and finish with goal setting for increasing student engagement. We all look forward to a great day!

Breakfast Club

Wellbeing has been running a breakfast club for the last month, Our breakfast club is sponsored by Daystar Foundation . Please let all students know to come to Senior Study from 8-8.45am everyday to enjoy breakfast.

Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food

Over the last seven weeks students and teachers from FHS have been learning to cook at Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food. The workshops took place at Jamie Oliver's Restaurant at Wetherill Park. Thank you to Community First Step for giving our students the opportunity to keep cooking skills alive