Tools for Collaborative Learning

Tools & Tips to Improve Communication in Grades 9-12

As technology is continuously evolving, it is becoming an increasingly integral part of education. The three tools detailed below utilize technology in ways that enhance communication among students, faculty and staff and promote collaborative methods of learning.


Edmodo is an innovative communication tool that prides itself on being the number one K-12 social learning network in the world, by combining the ways students live with the way they learn. Edmodo offers a way for students to maximize their full potential of learning, by gaining access to the resources and knowledge they need. This tool seeks to personalize learning, as technology allows us to see how different types of learning affect different types of students. This method of personalized education can be extremely effective in allowing students to profit most from their education.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a helpful technology that allows you to share and access your files remotely. Drive can be synced with your computer, and when using it, all your files become available on the web. This can be extremely convenient and useful for working on a project wherever you are, and on multiple technologies, like your computer or even your mobile device. It can also be helpful when preparing for things like presentations, because it saves you the trouble of having to have a USB key. Google Drive could be particularly useful for students who may work better at home, or would enjoy the option of working from their mobile phones.


Evernote is an extremely innovative app that offers students a wide variety of accommodations. Students can use the app from either their computers or from a mobile phone for things like brainstorming and writing new articles. Some of the tools that students can utilize through Evernote include: taking fast, organized notes on your laptop while also being able to link to and pull in outside data as you take notes, and for those who still prefer handwritten paper notes, you can also scan paper notes and make them searchable, and creating 'brain-dumps' before writing essays that can help students move past those annoying writers' blocks that can slow down the process of writing essays substantially. Evernote may be the most widely beneficial of these three tools in how it offers so many different tools through technology.