EHS Covid-19 Grading Policy

Trimester 1, 2020

Eagan High School Covid-19 Grading Policy - Trimester 1 2020

As we begin the last week of the first trimester we want to provide you with a summary of some of the grading changes that we are incorporating during the first trimester due to Covid-19 and hybrid and distance learning.

Congratulations for the persistence and resilience students and families have demonstrated in this difficult trimester!

We want you to know that we are still maintaining traditional letter grading and we strongly recommend that students take as many letter grades as possible to preserve “normalcy” as they move onto future endeavors beyond EHS.

A couple of important items as we move forward:

First, if your student has struggled during this trimester, but still passed the class, they will have the opportunity to change their passing letter grade to a “P.” The “P” will give the student credit for the course, but it will not impact their overall Grade Point Average (GPA).

Please know that, new to the 2020 Fall Trimester grading, if a student earns a grade of D+, D or D- for the course, that grade will be automatically changed to a “P”, so your student does not need to add those courses to the Google form.

After the final grades are posted on the student’s report card in Infinite Campus (not Schoology), we will let the students know and send out an email with a link to a Google form for your student to complete if they want to change any grades from the letter form to a “P”. Students may choose a “P” for any of their classes provided they have a passing grade posted for the class. The student will also need to check a box that the parent is aware of this change before they submit the form.

The date for report cards opening for students in Infinite Campus is expected to be Thursday, December 10.

The deadline for changing a letter grade to a “P” is 11:59 PM on Thursday, December 17. These deadlines will allow us to post final transcripts in a timely fashion.

Please note, if your student wants to keep all of their letter grades, they do not need to fill out the Google form.

Second, we will not be giving students any “F” grades for this trimester. Rather, a student not meeting the requirements for passing the class will be given a No Credit (NC) grade for the class in Campus. This grade will still hold students accountable for the learning in the class, but will not impact their GPA. For instance, a student who gets an NC grade in English 9 or any other classes required for graduation, will still have to retake the class in Eagan Academy, but the grade during this trimester will not impact their GPA.

In closing, let's extend our thanks to our teachers, students and amazing families who have worked to keep learning as a priority in our lives. We all look forward to better times ahead.

Please stay safe.

Dr. Peter Zak

Assistant Principal

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Winter Trimester begins on Monday, December 7th!

We will begin our Winter Trimester on Monday, December 7th using the current Distance Learning schedule. Students will see their Winter Tri schedule in PAWS on Friday, December 4th.

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