The history of their Cosmetics

History is made

The Egyptians were the first to harvest beauty in a fantastic tone. Then they became better hairdressing etc. The Barbers exist in Egypt about 6,000 years. Ancient Egypt were the first to use cosmetics as their personal beatification. Also in religious ceremonies they used a lot of make up.


Makeup techniques

he most common textile in Egypt was linen. It was mostly a spotless white. Dyes such as iron (red), indigo (blue) and shaffron (yellow) were sometimes used, but colored and patterned clothes were usually the mark of foreigner.

However, the Egyptians did decorate their clothes with beads and beautiful feathers. Wool was not used for weaving in ancient Egypt. Silk and cotton did not appear until foreign rulers came to power in Egypt, after about 1000 B.C.

The basic items of dress for men were a simple kilt, loin-cloth or tunic. Women wore a long, closely fitting dress of fine fabric. Fashions for both men and women varied over the ages, with changes in the straps, pleating and folds.

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