Self Esteem in the Workplace

How it can affect productivity and communication skills

Low Self Esteem

Low self esteem is a problem that affects many people for many different reasons. It can inhibit personal and professional life. If an employee isn't confident in what they believe they can do, they have a lower chance of achieving their goals. Whereas, people with high self esteem achieve more simply because they believe they are capable (Lamberton & Minor-Evans, 2016). There are a few way to improve self esteem and improve workplace efficiency.

Ways to Improve Self Esteem

Many employers are realizing how important high self esteem in the workplace can be so they are taking measures to make their workers feel valuable and competent to raise employee moral. In order to raise self esteem employees must:

- Accept limitations to understand individual capabilities.

- Take responsibility for individual decisions

- Engage in self strengthening

- Identify personal strengths

Other ways to improve self esteem and productivity is goal setting, guided self imagery of success and positive self talk (Reece & Brandt, 2016).