Lewis Learning Log

Weekly Staff Newsletter February 8-12, 2016

Checklist for Summative Meetings

Please make sure the following are completed on time.

  • Unit of Instruction-past due!
  • Professional Development Plan (Box F, G and teacher comments)-due Feb. 5
  • Flex Day confirmation-due by Feb. 12
  • Student Learning Outcome spreadsheet-due by Feb. 12

This Week at Lewis

Feb. 8

Building Leadership Team Meeting (leadership Becca, recorder Rebecca)

Board of Education Meeting

Feb. 9

1st Grade Musical

Feb. 10

3rd Grade Arts Partners

Valentine Parties 1:30 (12:30 Mrs. Sams' class)

PLC: Staff Meeting and Vertical Discussions Session #1

Feb. 11

Luncheon for teachers from PALS

Parent Teacher Conferences 1pm-7pm

Feb. 12

Building In-Service Day (sign up in My Learning Plan) 8:30-3:55

It's Why We Do What We Do

Some teachers think I am crazy for expecting that my teachers put forth effort to build relationships with students...they think I am asking too much...that their job is to TEACH, not to make friends. They feel that it is just too much work to go that extra mile to make a child feel special. Shouldn't they feel special just because their teacher teaches them? Or because they DIDN'T have to go to the safe seat today?

I received an email this week that should remind us what it is all about...

1. It isn't about making friends...it's about making children feel valued.

2. That extra mile can go a LOOOOONNNNNGGGG way toward creating a culture of caring commitment that students and parents see and FEEL every day.

These are direct quotes from the email. I can't wait until the Wednesday staff meeting to share them aloud. You need to see this now!

"Ms. Calhoon is always looking for deer when she is out to let Hunter know about them. Mrs. Kelley allows Parker to help hold the door open when the students come in and it's something he looks forward to doing. Or when Mrs. Harris will stop by Parker's "cafe" on her way in and pick up a drink. They may not think about anybody noticing them doing these things but I do. They brighten my children's day and as a parent I am grateful."

"There are also those teachers who have gone the extra, extra mile in my eyes. They don't have to do the things they do but do it anyway without ever thinking they will get recognition for it. They do it because they care. When my mom passed away Mrs.Teegarden came and with her she had a goodie bag for Hunter with things for him to do during the visitation. That was one of the most meaningful things someone did for me during that time because she was helping take care of one of the most important people in my life."

"Mrs. Jamison came to one of Hunter's wrestling tournaments this year. She came to support him and another student simply because they had asked her to come. She didn't not have a family member or friend there already. She came for them. I am know how much time these teachers put in including sacrificing time that they could be spending with their family. The thought that she picked to spend her very little free time and come to watch him is testement to how great a person and teacher she is."

"And there is Mrs. Llewellyn. She has also come to one of his wrestling tournaments and baseball games. I know she is giving up time with her family to show Hunter that she cares. She has shown Hunter if it is important to him then it is important to her. He was so excited that she was coming I heard about it for several days before and after she was there. These are the type of teacher/student relationships that will make a difference in kids lives."

"Mrs. Kessler was also coming to support him and sent me a message at three in the morning while her poor child was sick to make sure Hunter knew why she wouldn't be able to make it. She cared enough about his feelings that she wanted him to know the situation."

"I'm pretty search I could do an entire paper on how amazing all of Hunter's teachers have been. Mrs. Bowers and Ms. Brandt were also a great positive influences in Hunter's life. Mrs. Bowers always allowed Hunter to talk about his accomplishments outside of school no matter what they were. He even wore is wrestling medal in the class picture. Ms. Brandt helped Hunter when he was struggling the most with reading and school with an extremely positive attitude."

This email brought tears of happiness to my eyes and really tugged at my heart because these things meant so much to the child and his mom. I pray for every child in my building to have this kind of experience.

No one likes it when a parent calls and is upset about something that has happened in the classroom. It feels like the parent doesn't trust you. Work on building that trust by building relationships. Go the extra mile. Make someone feel special just because. Pay it forward. As you can see, these things DO GET NOTICED. We don't hear about them very often, but when we do we should rejoice!

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