Combs High School

Shout Out to Our Sixth Grade Allstate Kiddos and Regional Prep!

This week we are very proud of all of our sixth graders who made it into the Allstate band!!! These kids worked very hard and had to put in a lot of good practice time. From Ranch Elementary Trinity Muniz, Cambri Elder, and Christian Laufer all made the Allstate band. From Simonton Elementary we have Javier Suarez and Allison Torres. From Ellsworth Elementary Parker Sigety and from Harmon Elementary Faith Powell made Allstate. All of us at the high school are so very proud of these wonderful kids. The Concert will be at Dobson High School on March 12th.

As the sixth graders prepare for the Allstate band concert our own high school band students will be preparing for the Arizona Regional Auditions. The Auditions will be held at Desert Ridge this year. The students will have to play one sharp scale, one flat scale and their full range chromatic scale for the audition. In addition to the scales they will play a technical etude, a lyrical etude, and one last etude that will highlight unique aspects of each instrument. For the final part of the audition the students will sight read a piece for the judge. We hope to see many of our band members make the Regional band!

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February Excitement!

The Combs High School Band Program is very excited to welcome our special guest, composer Robert Thurston! The band will be playing a piece he wrote called Festive Dances. Mr. Thurston has composed as well as arranged mountains of music for the U.S. Air Force Band since 1994. He recieved his Bachelors and Master degree in Music Education at Florida State University. He studied with Charles Carter closely. Mr. Thurston will be flying all this way to meet with our band and give us some cool tips and suggestions. He will also be conducting Festive Dances at our concert February 16th. The concert will be held at Combs High School in the large gym. We hope to see all of your smiling faces there!

May Fun!

The CHS band is so excited to welcome the many elementary school band members in May as well as the middle school band as well! This concert is always very fun and filled with excitement. During the concert the bands will combine and play a piece all together! We can't wait! The concert will be at Combs High School on May 6th at 7:00 p.m.