Gifted and Talented Tidbits 11

By Lenora Barnes 11/6/15


This week the students shared their cardboard creations with their schoolmates at the cardboard arcade. The students were excited and proud to share their projects.

The students voted to support the American Cancer Society with the donations collected at the arcades. The combined donations collected at the four elementary schools totaled $209.48. We appreciate everyone that supported our efforts.


Next week, the third and fourth grade students will be introduced to their choices for the TPSP long-term projects. The first and second grade students will be introduced to the TPSP project Animal Nation.


High achievers grasp the meaning.

Gifted learners infer and connect concepts.

Kingore, B. (2004)

Top 10 Things GT Students Stress About In School

These were gathered from gifted students all over the country by Judy Galbraith, author of The Survival Guide For Gifted Kids.

1. Tests (especially timed ones)

2. Finishing their homework and the work they miss in regular class

3. Grades (especially in math)

4. Performing in concerts and plays

5. Writing reports and essays

6. Speaking in front of the class

7. Being teased and bullied

8. Answering a question wrong in class

9. Making friends

10. Getting in trouble with teachers