Josef Stalin VS. Yertle the Turtle

By: Priscilla, Kacey, and Monica

Summary of Yertle the Turtle:

Yertle the turtle was the king of the pond. Yertle thought his throne was to short for him so he demanded the other turtles to stack themselves under him so he could see further and make his kingdom larger. The turtles began to get weak because Yertle kept demanding more turtles to make his throne larger. One turtle, Mack decided he had had enough of Yertle and he burps , tossing Yertle of his throne and into the mud leaving all the others free.

Comparing :

Yertle and Stalin both took advantage of their power and made everyone around them suffer.

The History of Josef Stalin

  • became involved in revolutionary politics as well as criminal activities when he was young
  • became the supreme ruler of the Soviet Union
  • caused the deaths and sufferings of tens and millions of people
  • starved to death millions of Ukrainians
  • he imprisoned innocent people
  • died in 1953 of stroke

Similarities between Stalin and Yertle :

  • starved their people/turtles
  • both kept innocent people/turtles locked up and wouldn't let them be free
  • making people suffer, Yertle kept the turtles stacked on top of each other even though they were getting weaker and weaker while he kept adding on more turtles. Josef he made millions of people suffer.