Smarty Ants Help Resource

Recurso de ayuda de Smarty Ants

A Collection of Smarty Ants Strategies to try

Microphone Issues

If your students are experiencing microphone issues that can not be resolved, the recording option can be turned off. Scroll to the bottom of this Smore for directions to turn off the student recording feature.

Strategy 1: Chrome Browser

Use Smarty Ants on the Chrome Browser! ¡Usa Smarty Ants en el navegador Chrome!

Chrome Browser has been added to iPads to fix several issues! To Use Smarty Ants, Open the App on the iPad (looks like the image below).

El navegador Chrome se ha agregado a los iPads para solucionar varios problemas. Para usar Smarty Ants, abra la aplicación en el iPad (se parece la imagen de abajo).

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  • When the app opens
  • Select Open in Chrome

  • Cuando se abre la aplicación
  • Seleccione Abrir en Chrome
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Using Smarty Ants in Chrome for the First Time

Select the microphone icon in Chrome. When the app opens, talk for a moment, then stop and close the Chrome browser.
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  • Open the Settings app on the iPad.
  • Scroll down to the Chrome app.
  • Verify that the Microphone is on.
  • Close Settings.
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Open the Smarty Ants App

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  • When the app opens
  • Select Open in Chrome

  • Cuando se abre la aplicación
  • Seleccione Abrir en Chrome
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  • Log in using your teacher's full email address as the Username
  • The password is the student's username (example: AB123456)
  • Be sure to check the save password box
  • Tap Enter

  • Inicie sesión con la dirección de correo electrónico de su profesor como nombre de usuario
  • La contraseña es el nombre de usuario del estudiante (ejemplo: AB123456)
  • Asegúrese de marcar la casilla de guardar contraseña
  • Toque Entrar
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Select the language to learn and tap Go!

Seleccione el idioma que desee aprender y toque Ir!

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If you experience problems with blank screens or stuck screens

In the Chrome app

  1. On your iPad, open the Chrome app .
  2. At the top-right, tap More .
  3. Tap History. Clear browsing data.
  4. Make sure that there's a tick mark next to 'Cookies, site data' and 'Cached images and files'.
  5. Tap Clear browsing data.

Strategy 2: ClassLink / Safari Browser

Smarty Ants can be launched in the ClassLink app, but handed off to Safari -- to do this, follow these steps:

1. - Launch ClassLink

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2. - Select District (Edgewood, Texas)
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3. - Log into ClassLink (use your district username and birthday password)
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4. - Click on the Smarty Ants app in ClassLink
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5. - Click on the share icon when the Smarty Ants app opens, then select Open in Safari
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6. - Fill in Teacher's email in the username box

7. - Fill in student's username in Password box

8. - Check the Save Password button

9. - Select Enter

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10. - Select English or Spanish

11. - Select Go!

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If you experience stuck screens or blank screens in the Safari Browser

Delete history, cache, and cookies

Here's how to clear information from your device:

  • To clear your history and cookies, go to Settings > Safari, and tap Clear History and Website Data. Clearing your history, cookies, and browsing data from Safari won't change your AutoFill information.
  • To clear your cookies and keep your history, go to Settings > Safari > Advanced > Website Data, then tap Remove All Website Data.

When there's no history or website data to clear, the setting turns gray. The setting might also be gray if you have web content restrictions set up under Content & Privacy Restrictions in Screen Time.

Strategy 3: Smarty Ants App on the iPad

** Spanish is not available in the iPad App for Smarty Ants.

1. - Locate the grade level Smarty Ants app
(PreK-1 app is lesson 1-69, 2nd Grade app is lesson 70+)
2. - Fill in Teacher's email in the username box

3. - Fill in student's username in Password box

3. - Check the Save Password button

4. - Select Enter

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** Spanish is not available in the iPad App for Smarty Ants.

If you experience stuck or blank screens on the Smarty Ants iPad apps

  • Delete the app
  • Turn off the iPad
  • Turn the iPad back on
  • Allow time for the app to reinstall

How to Turn off the Student's Recording Feature in Lessons

To disable the student's use of the recording option in the Smarty Ants lessons--

1.- Open ClassLink and log into the Smarty Ants Teacher Console

2.- click open the Class view of students

3.- Locate the Rec. column

4.- toggle off the Rec. button for each student

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After Recording feature is Turned OFF in the teacher's console

The Chrome browser and the Safari browser both cache information on the ipad when websites are open. The browser is “remembering” where the student left off and will not advance. To clear the browser memory on the student’s iPad:

  • in Safari, go to Settings > Safari > Website Data > Remove all Website Data > Remove all website data.
  • in Chrome, open Chrome, click on the ellipse (3 dots), select History > Clear Browsing Data, Select Browsing History, Cookies, Site Data, and Cached Images and Files,; then select Clear Browsing History.

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