BIS - Heat Advisory


Dear BIS Family & Friends,

We hope you all are bearing with the September Heat! Please be advised of the significant heat risk this week. Tomorrow should be about 10 degrees cooler than today, however, it may get warmer on Thursday. (I am not a meteorologist.)

Please have students wear light colored clothes, bring a hat, and apply sunscreen before coming to school. All students should have a refillable water bottle everyday to ensure they keep hydrated, especially on days like today, as well as daily during physical education. The turf field will be closed tomorrow for cleaning, however some of our students were running around, like it was 72 on the field and basketball courts today. Please talk to your child about hot temperatures and the adverse effects it can have on the body.

The library is open at brunch and lunch. We ask that student who visit the library sanitize their hands upon entering, read, play board games, or do school work. The Library/Media Center has air conditioning and is a nice place to cool off. We had a full house at both lunches today. No one was denied access.

I know the fog will roll in soon. That's why I love the Bay Area.


Erica Gilbert, Principal