My Fable

Maddie Kelly

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The Wise Owl and the Rabbit

In a quiet and small forest there once lived an owl. Although the animals of the forest didn’t know it, he watched over them and reported their behavers to the king. One day a rabbit came to the owl and asked for money. The wise owl asked him, “What have you done to earn the money?” The rabbit was confused and asked “I haven’t tried to earn the money”. “Well, I think my answer to you is what you just said”, and with that the owl flew off. The next day the rabbit was busy picking apples. All the animals were curious about what he was doing, but the wise owl knew. The next day the rabbit sold the apples and earned 60 gold coins. The next day the rabbit collected wood and nails. The next day he built himself a house. And finally he made a small box and put his money in it, so all his money was safe. The owl was proud of the rabbit’s hard work, and came to the rabbit’s house to reward him. The owl told the rabbit that he should always try and do his best before asking, and that hard work pays off. The owl told the rabbit that he would help him the next time things didn’t work out. The rabbit was grateful and the rabbit and the owl remained friends for many years after.


The theme is you should always try before you ask, and hard work pays off.