Buy the Miner's Safety Lamp

By: Justin Lewis

Hey Miners, come buy the first ever Miner's Safety Lamp!

Why Buy this Product?

This is so much better and safer than the traditional lamp you would take down into the mine. This lamp detects the amount of oxygen and gas in the air, which keeps you safe. Also, this lamp does not release any heat which could cause explosions with other lamps. Don't you see, this is so much better than those traditional lamps.

What is a Miner's Safety Lamp?

It was designed to be safely lit for the miners to use without letting the heat from the flame to explode the methane gas which was found when miners dug deeper into the ground. If firedamp or related gas mixtures are present in a mine, the Davy lamp flame burns higher and with a blue halo; the height of the flame and color of the halo indicate the amount of combustible gas in the air. If the mine air is lacking in oxygen, the lamp flame is extinguished. Coal miners often placed the safety lamp close to the ground to detect gases, e.g., carbon dioxide, that are denser than air and because of that collect in poorly ventilated depressions in the mine.


The Miner’s Safety Lamp was made to keep miners safe by indicating the amount of gas in the air. If the mine was lacking oxygen, the flame would go out. The lamp also did not let heat out light traditional lamps which would cause explosions with methane gas which was found when miners dug deeper into the ground. The height of the flame and the color of the halo indicated the amount of combustible gas in the air.

One effect this product had, was that it kept the miners safe. Before this product was invented, the miners had to use traditional lamps which could cause explosions, making it very dangerous. This affects us today by allowing us to improve the lamp and create something better that will keep miners even safer.

I used compare and contrast as my persuasive method because this product had so many more reasons why it was better than what miners originally used. It keeps miners way safer while deep in the mine.