Central And Eastern Europe

Kobie Summers

The Czech Republic

  • More Than 10 Million People Live In The Czech Republic
  • Communist Government
  • The Velvet Revolution is A Revolution WITHOUT Bloodshed
  • Bohemia is A Region Contains Many Resources. Coal, Iron Ore, Copper, And Lead Are Minded In The Mountains Of The North.
  • Also Has Quartz, Which Is A Substance Used To Make Glass.

- Moravia


* Became An Independent Nation in 1993

* More Than 5 Million People Live By The Carpathian Mountains

* Mixed Economy of Farming and Manufacturing

* Collective Farming Workers Were Paid By Then Government and They Shared The Profits From Their Products

* Their Economy Is Strugling

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: The Major Ethnic Group is Magyars

: They Went From Communism So Non-Communism

: About The Size Of Indiana

: Nickname Is The Breadbasket

: Struggling With Their Economy

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~ 23 Million People Live There ~

~ Nicolae Ceauseascu The Second Leader That Lead Them To Economic Chaos ~

~ They Only Could Watch Only 2 Hrs Of T.v. A Night ~

~ American Soft Drink Maker Helped Them By Spending 150 Million To Build Up Operations ~

~ Multiplier Effect Added Eleven New Jobs There ~

~ Economy Disaster ~

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> Nickname Is Garden Of Eastern Europe <

> Used to Had Communism <

> Economy Suffered Because They Were Trying To Transition From Communism <

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<<< 3.5 Million People Live There >>>

<<< There Known As Europe Hermit >>>

<<< Isolation Made Them Poor >>>

<<< The End Of Communism Effect Made Them Isolate Them Self >>>

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| The Name Meant " The Land of The Southern Slavs " |

| The Effect Of Communism Ending Made Them Break Apart |

| They Broke Up Because They Had Tension With All The Different Groups There |

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Serbia/ Montenegro

{ Their Physical Geo Includes Rugged Peaks of Montenegro and The Fertile Plains Of The Danube Valley In Spain }

{ There Economic Disaster Is Unemployment }

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[ Nearly 5 Million People Live There ]

[ The Croats and The Serbs Have An Ethnic Conflict ]

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\\ About 2 Million People Live There //

\\ There Impact Of There Industry Helped Them Recover From War And Independence

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<> They Declared Their Self Independence <>

<> Their Conflict Among People Was That They Were Fighting After Communism Because There Were Two Different Kind That Want To Rule <>

<> There Resources Are Iron Ore And Lead <>

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! The Greece And Albania Had Tension Over There Name And There Trading !
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