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A Very Testing Week

This week has been a little on the crazy side; however, we have managed to make it to Friday. On Monday and Tuesday, we reviewed writing in preparation for our TN Ready writing tests. We reviewed the difference between informational writing and opinion writing. Along with that we focused on how to create a topic sentence by using our prompt or writing task question. We then went on to practice figuring out if a prompt was informational or opinion, and we wrote topic sentences. All this practice was done on our desks using expo markers or crayons, which was way more fun than writing it all down on paper.

Along with reviewing writing, we also worked on possessive nouns. We specifically focused on figuring out if a noun was showing possession or if it was just a plural noun. This was tricky, and we will continue to work on this skill. We also were introduced briefly to adjectives. We will work more closely with adjectives and adverbs the next couple of weeks. We will look at their purpose (which is to 'bedazzle' a sentence) and we will look at comparative and superlative adjectives (i.e. good/better/best, happy/happier/happiest, etc.).

After working hard by testing in the mornings on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, we decided that this week would be a great opportunity to work on learning cursive. So far we have learned and practiced writing the following lowercase letters: i, t, u, w, e, l, b, h, f, k, r, and s. We will continue to work on cursive from now until the end of the year. Fourth grade teachers are wanting students to be able to write using cursive, so we are working on preparing them for that.

In social studies and reading, we have begun to learn about Europe. We read the chapter in our booklet and learned that Europe and the United States are connected in a variety of ways. We have really enjoyed learning about all that is part of Europe. We have had great discussions and will continue to delve into Europe next week. We had our regions quiz on Tuesday. We will have another regions quiz on Wednesday of next week. That will be the last day to quiz on the Northeast region states.

Because we have worked so hard on our TN Ready tests this week, we have been able to enjoy the great outdoors in the afternoons as a reward for our focus and drive to show the state our very best. We have had extra snacks and longer recess because of it. On Friday we had a board game afternoon. Our last day of testing will be Monday, when students will have a 45 minute social studies writing assessment. That will conclude our part 1 testing. Our reward for working so hard for 4 days straight will be electronics time. Kids can bring in their devices on Monday. They will have some time in the afternoon to play with them.

Kara Merriman

Here are some important dates and information for you to know. Thanks for all that you do!

FAMILY BOOK FAIR Night and ART SHOW is Monday from 4-7pm. Come and check out your child's art and enhance his/herreading by finding a book that s/he will enjoy. Domino's Pizza and the Kona Ice trucks will be here as well.

No School on Friday! This also begins our week of Spring Break!

Last day of testing is Monday (makeup testing will be Tuesday). We will participate in electronics time for those who work hard and do their best

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