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Discovery and Discussion

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Perfecting Our Craft

As third grade Discovery students prepare to design best possible products for their demanding clientele, they practiced design and building techniques by creating robotic hands that could pick up three different sized balls from a distance of at least a foot. Watch their enthusiastic attempts.
Congratulations to our "A" team, Ava and Addison, for being the first to build a working hand that fit the engineering criteria.

Discovery Students Learn the Importance of Correct Citation

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This week, fourth and fifth grade Discovery students learned MLA bibliographic citation format and the beauty of Easybib.com. They know to paraphrase their research sources and to cite each note with a reference number. Their completed research proposals must be submitted to the Google Classroom site by their next class.
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Celebrate Digital Learning Day on February 17!

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Coolidge's Fourth Grade Discovery Students To Meet Sphero Engineering Dream Team

Coolidge's fourth grade Discovery students will join others in a virtual meeting with the team of engineers who helped build the app-controlled BB-8 Droid from "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." The Sphero team will explain why they love their jobs, the importance of STEM classes, and ways to pursue a career in technology.

TED-ED Club Members Explore Their Passions

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Our TED-Ed Clubs enjoy brainstorming topics and checking to see how they have been addressed by TED. This week's favorites included Talks about sea turtles and blue whales. Students analyze animation techniques and determine how the authors and illustrators attract their targeted audience and manage to sustain attention through the duration of the Talk. While Washington students determined factors that make an idea worth spreading, Lincoln's students advanced to declaring their topics and beginning their research.

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