Our November 2018 Young Scholars

Honoring Readers, Writers, Students & Artists of the Month

The October and November Young Scholars Assembly is...

Friday, Nov. 30th, 2-3:30pm

Turrill Elementary School

  • E5-2nd Grade 2:00-2:30
  • 2nd/3rd-5th Grade 2:45-3:15

In addition to being excellent readers and writers, students are selected for these awards by displaying characteristics important for people to be successful adults and are representative of all our Turrill students.

Some examples of the important traits we recognize are responsibility, resiliency, perseverance, and kindness. Furthermore, students selected demonstrate a passion for learning and show a positive attitude toward peers and staff.

We believe these students have met and surpassed these criteria, and clearly demonstrate the outstanding qualities we look for in our student recipients.

Student of the Month Lunch with the Principal for October AND November is...

Friday, Nov. 30th, 11:30am-1pm

Turrill Elementary School

The Student of the Month for October and November "Lunch with the Principal" is Friday, November 30th.

The October and November Student of the Month for each classroom bring their appetites during their normal lunch period and I bring the pepperoni pizza!

E5-2nd Grade Readers of the Month

Big picture

Brown - Lucas Auchterlonie

Abeare - Rosemary Francek

Badyrka - Blakely Smith

Ruhlman - Ellie Andersen

Campbell - Jevin Crawford (not pictured)

Lawrence - Dimitri Nadrowski

Smith - Ava Bednarchik

Christian - Darrell Schotter

Oliver - Denver Rajewski

E5-2nd Grade Writers of the Month

Big picture

Brown - Carter Schoonover

Abeare - Anah-Lynn Hunter

Badyrka - Gibson Ujlaky

Ruhlman - Demetri Hemingway

Campbell - Alysse Campbell

Lawrence - Addison Hanchett

Smith - Kenneth Lamb

Christian - Lacee Whipple

Oliver - Lauren Tracy

E5-2nd Grade Students of the Month

Big picture

Brown - Levi Perry

Abeare - David West

Badyrka - Adeline Grant

Ruhlman - Winry Stevens

Campbell - Kayleigh Pettit

Lawrence - Hailey Rau

Smith - Andrew Owen

Christian - Lilliana Hammond

Oliver - Addison Shepherd

2nd/3rd-5th Readers of the Month

Big picture

Craft - Samantha Behm

Baxter - Dominic Whitman

Tripp - Timothy Johnson (not pictured)

Chaffin - Gabrielle Speagle

Fantin - Tyler Lile

Berry - Devin Stoner (not pictured)

Hoganson - Mackenzie Russell

Short - Raegan Welch

2nd/3rd-5th Writers of the Month

Big picture

Craft - Jacob Shann

Baxter - Cheyenne Monteleone

Tripp - Rachel Bartlett

Chaffin - Elizabeth Ludwig

Fantin - Mariah Tanner

Berry - Vincent Revesz

Hoganson - Lauren Davenport

Short - Parker Smith

2nd/3rd-5th Students of the Month

Big picture

Craft - Reese Finton

Baxter - Brynn Cassabon

Tripp - Makailee Moorhouse

Chaffin - Sharon Hewitt

Fantin - Bailey Long

Berry - Lilly Balogh

Hoganson - Kennady Hayden

Short - Mason Kirby