Geneva News

Three letters found to reveal an geneva mystery.

Scientist goes to trial for suspicion of murder

Frankenstein was sent to trial and put into jail because of suspicion with the killing of Henry Clerval. After confronting Frankenstein, some towns people took him to Mr. Kirwin, our towns magistrate. Testifiers stated that they saw a man out on a small boat the previous night before the finding. When Frankenstein saw the body, he reacted in horror. This caused Mr. Kirwin to make the decision of sending Frankenstein to prison. Frankenstein was released from prison and brought to court. Nothing but circumstantial evidence had been found and was not enough to prove that Frankenstein was guilty of the act.

Discovered Letters Allowing the uncovering of an unknown story and feelings

Three letters have been discovered in Geneva. All these letters reconnect and relate to the the trial of Victor Frankenstein. The first letter was written by Victor Frankenstein himself. The letter had been written to Victors father but was never able to be delivered. In the letter Frankenstein is apologizing to his father along with the rest of his family from completely isolating them.

Frankenstein describes that he has completely shut out the world and has put all of his focus on construction of a animate creature in his design. "I have put myself through months of labor just to satisfy my need for this discovery of anatomy." Soon, Frankenstein writes that on one stormy night, his creature had come alive and was not what he intended for or wanted what so ever. This explains the sightings and deaths from the unknown creature that used to happen throughout Geneva. Frankenstein ends his letter with him spending time in and pacing throughout the courtyard of his apartment.

Thoughts from the creature himself

The second letter found here in Geneva comes from the monster himself created by Frankenstein. The letter had taken everyone by surprise, because no one would have thought a creature like this could have emotions or even write. The monster is writing to Victor. Though the letter must have been found useless to the monster because of it's found location and had been crumpled up. The monster describes how much confusion he experienced upon being created. He goes on to tell that he flees from the apartment, where he was created, and into the wilderness. The creature discovered sensations of light, dark, hunger, and the cold. He writes about his wondering into a village and how everyone in this village fled away from him in fear. He concludes his letter by telling how he would stay away from humans but would continue his venture and discovery's.

The third letter, Who is Elizabeth?

The third letter has been written by a girl named Elizabeth. From reading it's context, we discovered that Elizabeth had been Victor Frankenstein's lover. While putting in more research, we also discovered that Victor and Elizabeth had gotten married.

In this letter Elizabeth writes to Victor Frankenstein with concern or their relationship. From the first letter, Frankenstein describes how he isolated himself from anyone and everything. In her letter, Elizabeth is concerned about Frankenstein and if he still has a love for her and if they're relationship would continue. She aso expresses her concern for an illness that had taken over Frankenstein. She encourages Victor to write back to her along with the rest to his family as they are all very concerned for him. Lastly Elizabeth tells Frankenstein that Justine Mortiz has moved back in with the Frankenstein's family. Research is still being done to find details on Mortiz.


Victor Fankenstein

Victor Frankenstein was born in Naples and raised in Geneva. He was the son of Alphonse Frankenstein and Caroline Beaufort. Victor fell in love with Elizabeth Lavenza, who became his adoptive sister and, eventually, his fiancée. Victors life was taken in the north atlantic on a ship.

Elizabeth Lavenza

Elizabeth Lavenza was adopted into the Frankenstein family and grew up with them. Elizabeth's life was taken on her wedding night and will always be remembered as a great and beautiful women.

Alphonse Frankenstein

Alphonse Frankenstein was the father of Victor Frankenstein and married to Caroline Beaufort. Alphonse loved his son very much, in moments of pain he would encourage Victor to remember the importance of family. Alphonse passed away from old age.

William Frankenstein

Son of Alphonse Frankenstein and Caroline Beaufort, younger brother of Victor Frankenstein. Williams life was taken away by murder.

Caroline Beaufort Frankenstein

Caroline Frankenstein was the loving wife of Alphonse Frankenstein and mother of Elizabeth Levenza, William, and Victor Frankenstein. Caroline passed away from scarlet fever and will be missed dearly.

Justine Moritz

Justine Moritz was taken into the Frankenstein family and taken care of. She grew up with them and became their house keeper. Her life was taken because of accused murder.

Personal ads

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A recent interview done with the mysterious Monster of Geneva has been recorded and the outcome was extremely surprising. The monster was very startled when our crew came up to him. We learned that he was so startled is because of how rejected he has been. The monster has been turned on by everyone, if he even gets close to anyone they would run in horror. The monster described how lonely he is and how desperately he is need for a friend. He told us that even his own creator ran from him and still is. We asked him for advice about what there is to do if someone els was feeling this lonely also. He responded by saying that what helps him is discovering new things, like fire.

An AD from "Lost Love"

Elizabeth Levenza is a young women who is in love with a man that has not responded to her in months. She is bound to marry Victor Frankenstein, but he has been suck inside an experiment and illness. She has became very lonely and is still waiting for any response back. Lost Love reminds you to never fall in with a scientist they may or may not create a monster.

AD: Have you lost your loved one? personalfeel co. has advice to help.

Personalfeel Co. sat down with Alphonse Frankenstein, an older man who has lost his wife, Caroline Beaufort Frankenstein. He described to us how lonely he has become sense she passed away. We asked for advise for anyone els who has lost their spose and is feeling lonely. Alphonse told us that when he is feeling lonely, he goes and visits his grandson, Victor Frankenstein, because he loves him very much.


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Gossip Of Geneva

Residents have recently seen new sightings of the mysterious monster that supposedly was created by the scientist Victor Frankenstein. It's been told that there has even been encounters with the creature.
A rumor that there was more research put into Justine Moritz and the killing of William Frankenstein was done. It's been said that Justine was the housekeeper of Williams family. Not only this though but that Justine may have not even been the killer. It was hard to believe that a families own housekeeper would do this. Now people have begun to believe that it may have been the monster who killed William yet Justine took the blame.
It has been said that the local scientist, that is believed to have created the monster, had been in the arctic and on a boat before committing suicide. No one truly knows how he got out there or why so many do not believe this. We do know that both the monster and scientist are dead though, or so we hope. This should stop many troubles that have happened in the town.