Digital Learning News 10-18-16

By the BISD Digital Learning Team

In this week's issue:

Tonight's Twitter Chat, Copyright and Creative Commons resources, how to order a BISD Digital Citizenship poster, new learning resources and articles, the latest Digital Learning Lounge Spotlighted teachers and students, and more.
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Join Us for Tonight's BISD Twitter Chat!

Here are tonight's questions:

Q1 Why is important for all educators and students to understand copyright and fair use?

Q2 How do you introduce creative commons to your students?

Q3 Where and how do I locate sites that have creative common resources?

Here are a few resources to help us better understand copyright and Creative Commons...

Check Out the BISD Digital Citizenship Webpages

Click here

Order a BISD Digital Citizenship Poster

Click here to order a Digital Citizenship Poster - just scroll down and you will see the link
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EAT, SLEEP, LEARN T-shirts Have Been Ordered!

T-shirts will arrive on or before November 1st. Your Digital Learning Team will deliver your order to your campus or office.
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Technology can help us kick teaching and learning up a notch. Here are five concrete examples of what tech can do and how to do it. (Public domain image via

Read Matt Miller's Post here

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Improving Formative Assessment Feedback via Socrative

Socrative is a free student response system that works on any device. With its built-in quick questions and quiz options, it is an incredible resource for formative and summative assessments. Socrative provides instant feedback in real time. Not only do students receive immediate feedback, they can work at their own pace. Educators can track performance over time and import results immediately to their Google Drive account.
Socrative Tutorial 2015 NEW

Check out Flocabulary Video Resources

What is Flocabulary?
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The BISD Digital Learning Lounge

Catch up on this week's teacher and classroom spotlights (see below)

and click here go to the blog and read more.

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The Elementary and Secondary Digital Learning Teams post articles each week that are specifically targeted to help you.

The posts focus on tools and resources and also give very specific ideas for use in teaching and learning.

Check out what they have for you.

Click here to go to Tech-cited: Elementary Digital Learning Team Blog.

Click here to go to BISD Connected Teacher: Secondary Digital Learning Team Blog.

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