Spring Assessment

Raven Correspondence School, Anchorage Office

Wednesday, April 22: Mathematics

9AM: Grades 3-6 at the BP Energy Center*

Please check in at 8:30am.

12PM: Grades 7-10 at the BP Energy Center*

Please check in at 11:30am.

*Students with accommodations, contact Danae Davis (ddavis@yksd.com) for the testing time and location.

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AMP is required for 3rd-10th graders.

All Raven families with students in grades 3-10 agreed to comply with the following statement by signing the 2014-2015 Testing Agreement form as part of your enrollment with Raven:

"Raven Correspondence School is a publicly-funded school. As such, we are held to the same measures of accountability as all public schools in Alaska. One such measure is participation in state-wide assessments. Per 4 AAC 06.710 - 4 AAC 06790, the district must require students to participate in the statewide student assessment program as required."
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Water and Peppermint

Studies have shown that drinking water and enjoying a little peppermint while taking a test increase test scores. However, we would not recommend consuming both simultaneously ;)