Principles of Training

Specificity, Progression, Overload, Reversibility and Tedium


Specificity is important because the trainings must be unics for the sport and the person who do it.


Progression is important to improve and continue developing,it must be steady yet consistent and once the body adapts to stresses and loads placed upon them no further changes will occur.


In order for the body to adapt it must work harder than normal. The body can be overloaded by manipulating five key factors of training: FITTA

FrequencyHow often?

IntensityHow hard we train?

Time - Length of time spent on an activity

TypeDescribes the type of activity

AdherenceEnsuring the individual sticks to the programme


If we train our muscles get bigger, alternatively if we don't our muscles get smaller.

From here comes the phrase: Use it or lose it! Because it takes much longer to gain fitness than it does to lose it.


Training must be varied to ensure the athlete or performer maintains motivation if the same activity is performed frequently, training becomes repetitive and boring.

Made by: Andrea Diudé i Gregori Cullell