Steering Committee/ Fall Advisory

Tuesday, October 15th 5pm

Mission Statements

FCPS Mission

Our mission is to create a collaborative community that ensures all students achieve at high levels and graduate prepared to excel in a global society.

Locust Trace FCPS Mission

Locust Trace is a dynamic and innovative learning environment focused on agriscience*.

*Agriscience: The relevant application of scientific principles and practices in agriculture.


5pm-6pm Steering Committee Meeting

· Review 2012-2013 steering committee results

· Present sub-committee reports and next steps

The following are the six-month goals set by our steering committee and the sub-committees that agreed to work towards these goals (can also be seen in attached meeting minutes):

1. Build a culture of collaboration both externally and internally

· Internally-Locust Trace

· Externally-Ag business community and higher education

· Create a survey

Committee-David Helm, Jack Hayes, Janna Norton, Kari McGee, Miranda Woodall, Sara Tracy

2. Build a culture of robust two-way communication externally and internally.

Committee-same committee as collaboration

3. Provide a rigorous and relevant curriculum

Create and use a team of experts

Committee- Bob Quick, Brian Miller, David Helm, Darryl Thompson, Jack Hume, Jay Jackman

· New teacher introductions

· Document review

6pm-Fall Advisory Dinner served

· General discussion during dinner

· Breakout sessions to meet with program area instructors