Got Shelter?

What to do when you are stuck on a tropical island.

  • You must gather "Y" shaped sticks to help hold up other sticks.
  • Next you want to place a longer stick inbetween the top of the stick where it looks like a "V".
Take more sticks and put them against the main structure to help support it. Then you want to take rope if you have it or if you dont then you want to find some vine and some how tie everything together. This will help the structure not to collaspe on you when you are sleeping.
  • Once you have the structure you need to have big leaves to enclose the space.
**Be sure to put leaves over the structure. Layer on layer of leaves. By do this, this will act as a roof and protect you from the weather.
  • When you are finished building your shelter make sure you make a bed for yourself. By make a bed I mean is make a pile of leaves or lay on a pile of sticks to get you off the ground. When you get your body off the ground it will help you get warm.