Fabulous 1st Grade

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January 29, 2021

Language Workshop

In Language Workshop, students have been working hard to answer the question how do living things change as they grow? We have read several different books and focused on Animals Grow and Change this week. We have determined that the author's purpose is to give us new information and examined the different nonfiction text features, especially the life cycle diagrams, to learn even more! Looking ahead to next week, we will read the book One Tiny Turtle and take a look at the life cycle of the turtle.

Math Workshop

In math, we recently wrapped up learning about 2D and 3D shapes and started thinking about how we can partition, or cut, them into equal pieces. You should be seeing their partition assessments coming home this week! As we look ahead to next week, we will be working on different types of addition and subtraction word problems to help build our problem solving and reasoning skills!

Reading Workshop

In reading, first-grade readers are already up to 21 minutes of independent work time! Please be sure that you are encouraging your child to be reading nightly at home to continue building this reading independence and using reading strategies to continue reading tougher books! Students have also been learning about apostrophes and how to spot and use them in contractions and possessives. Lastly, as we wrap up our week learning about the long a, be sure to ask your first grader how to spell some of these words: take, game, brave, made, plate, skate.


In science, first graders have been working to answer the question how do living things change to survive? They have been busy learning all about different types of animal and plant adaptations. This week, we have been wondering about how plants grow, what parts they have, and what they need to survive. We wrapped up the week with building our own plant terrariums out of water bottles, soil, and seeds to be able to watch our own plants grow at home. Please be sure to put these by a window and water them!
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Writing Workshop

First graders have been working hard to create their animal books! They chose an animal on PebbleGo, researched it, and have been busy working hard to learn and write all about their characteristics, habitat, and more! Keep an eye out for these coming home soon!

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