From Cowhide to Footballs

By: Marshall Wahl


Have you ever wondered were footballs come from? Well read to find out!


At the farm they start with a pigs bladder ha!ha! Can you believe that if you play football you touch a pigs bladder. Well any ways you put cowhide on. Later you ship it to the factory.


At the factory they start with leather and they use these cookie cutter things to make panels. Second, you sew 2 panels together. Third, you need to flatten the seams. Fourth, turn the ball right side out. Fifth, you lace the ball. Sixth, you poke a hole for the air vale. Last, you inflate the ball. later you ship it to the store.


At the store there is a lot of footballs. People buy it to play catch or football. People throw, catch, run and kick with a football.

Fun Facts

Now its time for the fun facts. Football has been around for 200 years! Anyone can play football. You can throw, catch, run and kick with a football!


Now that you know how footballs are made tell your friends, And have a great day!
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