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December 2020 / January 2021

It is hard to believe we are nearing the end of the first semester! This year has been a welcomed challenge and we are excited for 2021 and to begin planning for the 21-22 school year! Seniors - see below for information about graduation & scholarships (at the bottom)! Juniors & Sophomores- we will be starting registration for the 21-22 school year after the holiday break! Please make sure you are on the CHS Counseling Schoology Course so you have access to all the planning materials!

Schoology Access Codes

Juniors - V4K4-KWZB-9QNH6

Sophomores - GCZ5-M45C-CHVCC

Also, welcome CHS 9 students and parents. We would like to keep you posted this spring on what is happening in the CHS Counseling department!

For information on the CISD's COVID Response.

Counseling Department

  • Ms. Abreu A - Chan
  • Mrs. McMillin Chao - Gz
  • Mr. McKean Ha - Kon
  • Ms. Guevara Koo - Nak
  • Mrs. Oh Nal - Roc
  • Ms. Cinelli Rod - Som
  • Mrs. Garcia Son - Z

Virtual Counseling Department

Check out the Virtual Counseling Department. Live links embedded throughout!

Important Dates

12/8 - October 14th PSAT Testers will receive scores via email from College board

12/10 - Semester Level down opens

12/13 - Senior - Deadline to order Graduation regalia

12/16 - Semester Level down closes

12/18 - End of the 2nd 9 weeks and 1st Semester

12/18 - CHS 2021-2022 Course Guide Available ( See below for registration dates)

12/21-1/4 - Winter break

1/6 - First day of second semester

1/13 - Registration for the 21/22 school year opens (more information below)

1/13 - Student & Parent virtual information night for 21-22

1/15 - Presentations made available for students & parents

1/18 - MLK Day - no school

1/19 - 1st day of Dual Credit Spring Semester Classes

1/20-1/22 - Counselor open zoom sessions for students & parents

1/20 - Spring Open house - Virtual

1/21 - ASVAB Test

2/3 - Online Registration closes for the 21-22 school year

2/8 -3/4 - Counselor meetings with students

2/12 - Students No School

2/15 - Weather day

2/24 - DCCCD Drop Date for first 8 week courses

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The Go Center is a FREE service for juniors and seniors! The center focuses on creating a college-going culture and promotes college awareness and accessibility. You can meet with a Go Center advisor for... register with the link here!

  • Admission Information and Applications
  • SAT/ACT Registration
  • FAFSA Help
  • TASFA Help
  • Residency & In State Tuition
  • College Readiness and Access
  • Scholarship Searches
  • Career Exploration
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Stop by CHS to pick up your graduation packet! Available during school hours in the front vestibule.

College Deadlines

The deadlines are quickly approaching. Please make sure you have requested your transcripts BEFORE your deadline. WE DO NOT SEND DOCUMENTS ON WEEKENDS

Please request your transcript for the January 1st deadline before FRIDAY 12/18 @ 4pm.

Class of 2021 Post High School Information

Need help with Naviance?

If you have started the college process and are wondering how to send transcripts, request letters of rec from teacher/counselors or how to see your GPA information. Please use this helpful step by step guide.

We will also be hosting a number of webinars and zoom calls to go over the college process!

Interested in joining the Military?

If you are interested in enlisting in the military or going to a military academy we are here to help!

Please reach out to your counselor so we can help point you in the direction you want to go!

Students & Parents - Many schools are "test optional" due to COVID-19. If you were unable to test this spring or fall please do not panic. Reach out to admissions officers and ask what accommodations can be made. Please click on the picture to the left to view an article about admissions changes.

Need help writing your college essay?

The Red Jacket Ambassadors have split into four value groups this year: Collective Engagement, Great Teaching, Invest in Each Other, and Individual Contributions. Since we are in the midst of the college application season, the Great Teaching value group has taken an initiative to provide some help and support to the seniors who are completing their college essays. The purpose of Great Teaching is to academically support the school district by tutoring, helping with college applications, hosting educational events for elementary schools, and encouraging students to actively participate in school clubs and organizations. In the form, the students will be able to paste a link to their essay in which the red jackets will make comments and suggestions that will help improve upon it. This form keeps the writer anonymous and provides unbiased and constructive feedback.

You can sign up here!

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Registration for 2021-2022 School Year

We are excited to begin the registration process for next school year! Below are the dates we have for information nights, registration meetings and Spring Open house. All events will be virtual and Zoom information will be sent out after the holiday break. Students, please make sure you are in the CHS Counseling Schoology Course.

Dec 18th - Course Guide available online

Jan 13th - Parent & Student Presentations

Registration 101, Dual Credit, Grad Plans & Endorsements, Student Panel

Jan 13th - Registration Opens Online

Jan 15th - Presentations available online for parents and students

Jan 19th - Students review registration process during 3rd period

Jan 20th - 22nd - Counselor Open Zoom Sessions

Jan 20th - Spring Open House: A preview of next year’s courses

Feb 3rd - Online Registration closes all course selection requests due for 2021-2022 school year

Feb 8th - 11th - 1:1 Registration meetings with in person learners

Feb 16th-Mar 4th - Counselor Meetings with Virtual students

March 10th - Course selection verification sheets available

April 1st - Course selections verifications (Current 9th-11th) due back

April 1st - Final date to make course requests changes

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SPRING 2021 Dual Credit Registration

Spring Dual Credit Registration is currently closed. Student's who were registered through their CHS Counselor will have confirmation in their econnect account by 12/10. Please check to make sure courses are correct. Reach out to your counselor by 1/8 if courses are incorrect.

Important Dates

1/19 - 1st day of Spring DCCCD Classes

2/24 - Drop Date for January - March 1st 8 week classes

3/22 - 1st day of classes 2nd 8 weeks March-May

4/15 - Drop Date for 16 week classes

4/28 - Drop Date for 2nd 8 week March-May classes

FALL STUDENTS - Please check your grades in econnect as your finish your courses! Let your counselor know if you did not pass.

North Lake College Student Resources

Thank you for your continued patience and communication through the dual credit process.


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Suicide Awareness and Prevention

With Suicide being the third leading cause of death among youth 10–24 years of age, Coppell ISD along with Coppell High School is committed to taking a proactive stance to STOP SUICIDE. Whether it is in teaching school faculty, engaging students with guidance lessons or providing parents with information on suicide recognition, intervention and reporting, it is always best to approach the subject from a proactive stance. If teachers, students and parents are empowered by understanding suicide and equipped with the tools to address it, the problem can often be addressed before there is an unnecessary death. Together, all of us can provide a support system to help our students find a safe haven when they are troubled.

Youth Suicide Warning Signs

  1. Talking about or making plans for suicide
  2. Expressing hopelessness about the future
  3. Displaying severe/overwhelming emotional pain or distress
  4. Substance use & abuse
  5. Showing worrisome behavioral cues or marked changes in behavior, particularly in the presence of the warning signs above. Specifically, this includes significant:

  • Withdrawal from or changing in social connections/situations
  • Changes in sleep (increased or decreased)
  • Anger or hostility that seems out of character or out of context
  • Recent increased agitation or irritability

How to Respond

If you notice any of these warning signs in anyone, you can help!

  1. Ask if they are ok or if they are having thoughts of suicide
  2. Express your concern about what you are observing in their behavior
  3. Listen attentively and non-judgmentally
  4. Reflect what they share and let them know they have been heard
  5. Tell them they are not alone
  6. Let them know there are treatments available that can help
  7. If you are a student, report your concerns to a trusted adult (parent, teacher, counselor, administrator.)

Parents Can Make a Difference
Parents can help prevent suicide by recognizing warning signs, identifying risk factors (characteristics that may lead a young person to engage in suicidal behaviors), promoting protective factors (characteristics that help people deal with stress and reduce their chances of engaging in suicidal behaviors), and knowing how to talk to their children and seek mental health services. You can empower yourself and your teen by following these 7 steps.

  1. Know your facts
  2. Recognize the warning signs
  3. Know the risk factors
  4. Know the protective factors
  5. Take preventive measures
  6. Talk to your teen about suicide
  7. Last but not least, seek mental health services

To read the complete blog post from the American Psychological Association go to

7 Essential Steps Parents Can Take to Prevent Teen Suicide

HOPE FOR OUR CITY is an outreach providing families with non-perishable groceries and also baby supplies. This is a difficult time for many families, and we believe in standing together and helping others in times of need.

$ Scholarships & Financial Aid $

Financial Aid & FAFSA

FAFSA Opened on October 1st.

To view the presentation from October 20th please use this link.

Financial aid helps students and their families pay for college. This financial assistance covers educational expenses including tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, and transportation. There are several types of financial aid, including grants and scholarships, work study and loans.


Don't leave money on the table. Here's why it's worth the effort to fill out the FAFSA. The FAFSA helps determine whether students are eligible for federal loans, grants or work-study programs. Many colleges also require it to be on file for their own need-based or merit-based aid packages.

Fill out the FAFSA here

Coppell Chamber of Commerce Scholarship

Please click on the image to view available scholarship. The deadline is March 12, 2021

Scholarships - FREE MONEY

Start your Scholarship hunt early!! Below are some resources for scholarships. We also keep a list with links in Naviance for all scholarships.

Fast Web

College For All Texans

US News - 11 Private Scholarships to Help you Pay For College

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Coppell High School Counseling Staff

Ms. Abreu A - Chan

Mrs. McMillin Chao - G

Mr. McKean H - Kon

Ms. Guevara Koo - Nak

Ms. Oh Nal - Roc

Ms. Cinelli Rod - Som

Mrs. Garcia Son - Z

Ms. Ruedi - Counseling Secretary