What's up in Room 505?!

Monthly Happenings in Miss Casselli's 3rd Grade Class

Dates to Remember!

Don't Forget...

February 1st - 29th

  • Book Donations Being Accepted for the Titus Book Swap

February 4th - 5th:

  • Professional Development Day for Staff
  • No School for Students

February 8th - 9th:

  • Grade 6 -Human Growth & Development

February 9th:

  • Home & School Association General Meeting - Titus Dining Room - 7:00 PM

February 10th:

  • NOVA Parent Presentation - Cyberbullying - Groveland Elementary School - 7:00 PM

February 11th:

  • CB South Back to School Night

February 15th:

  • President's Day - School Holiday

February 16th -19th:

  • Grade 2 - Peace Valley In-Class Assembly Program

February 16th - 17th:

  • Grade 4 - Human Growth & Development

February 19th:

February 2016

The students will be working hard in Everyday Math Unit 6!

Students will begin their study of geometry with learning about points and the move on to line segments, rays, and lines. Then they will explore the relations among segments, rays, and lines as well as the geometric figures that can be built from them, including angles, polygons, and frames for prisms and pyramid.

Unit 6 has three main areas of focus:
1.To investigate line segments, rays, and lines
2. To explore polygons, including triangles and quadrangles
3. To draw & measure angles.

Practice @ home:
  • World Symmetry
  • Gamequarium
  • Symmetry Games
  • Matchit Geometry Terms
  • 2D and 3D Shapes
  • Matching Shapes

  • Continue practicing multiplication & division facts:

    Timed Multiplication Facts
    Math Playground-Flashcards
  • Space Racer Multiplication Game
  • Classroom Capers
  • Jungle Jim
  • Multiplication Home
  • Multiplication-Many Games
  • Multiplication Jeopardy
  • Demolition Division
  • Croc Doc Division


    Functional Writing- The students will read and discuss directions for how to do things, explore craft elements of functional writing, and write directions for others to follow. As the students write, they consider the audience and purpose.


    In Unit 5, students will be learning the social studies concept of heroism and its impact on the world, including real or fictional heroes from the past and present.

    Each week students will address one essential Focus Question related to the Unit Theme: Heroes Across Time.

    At the end of this unit, the students will be able to answer the Theme Question: What qualities does a hero have?

    Essential Focus Question:

    Week 1: Why do we tell stories about heroes from the past?

    Week 2: Why do we make up stories about heroes?

    Week 3: Can an ordinary person be a hero?

    Week 4: What makes a hero?

    Theme Vocabulary:
    Week 1: tough, terrible, challenge

    Week 2: amazing, famous

    Week 3: provide, disturb, approach

    Week 4: Review of words


    Unit 5: Being an Active Member of Your Community

    Essential Questions:

    1. What people and groups help to run our local community?

    2. How do people have a voice in their community?

    3. How can communities help to solve environmental problems?

    4. How can people help the global community?

    Students will understand that...

    • public services benefit communities locally and around the world
    • an elected government runs their local community government
    • individuals can solve problems in a community by taking an active role