Why Fornacowan Brand Ecobottle is Right For You

Changing the World, One Sip at a Time

From us at Fornacowan, we love the environment just as much as you do, so we designed and produced an eco-friendly disposable waterbottle so you can feel good staying hydrated.

Our bioplastic called polylactic acid (PLA) is made from regular corn, and can be composted or recycled when ready to by disposed instead of wasting away in an overflowing landfill.

Ecofriendly, are we?

The only aspect of a Fornacowan Brand Ecobottle that is not green is the colour! Compared to a plain, plastic disposable water bottle, our bottle is far superior. Manufactured from a renewable resource (corn), there is an infinite supply of ecobottles that can be produced almost anywhere across the globe. This decreases costs and energy (oil) required to transport over further distances.

Although disposable water bottles can be recycled, only 13% of the bottles purchased actually end up being recycled at a facility, the rest are sent to landfills. In landfills, plastic water bottles take hundreds of years to decompose. If they are burned, lethal bi-products such chlorine gas among other things are released into the atmosphere. This is dangerous to our environment because it contributes to air pollution and global warming.

This video ilustrates the harmful effects of plastic water bottles:

Plastic Water Bottles

Green Machine!

Our ecobottle is the embodiment of what every disposable water should be. The process by which Fornacowan bottles are manufactured uses 65% less energy when compared to conventional plastics. This green bottle does not create/release toxic chemicals in the production process. Crude oil is essential in the production of common plastic water bottles, a non-renewable source that is not present in the bioplastic makings of our bottle. Under certain conditions, the ecobottle is compostable and the bottle can always be recycled to form new bioplastic. We can all feel great when drinking from an ecobottle, one sip at a time!

In Conclusion

We believe that even one small change can affect many things. Staying hydrated with a Fornacowan Brand Ecobottle is a small change that has a global effect. This bottle is produced from a renewable resource, so a consumer can feel more at ease buying a ecobottle compared to a plastic water bottle. Water is a very valuable resource and distributing water in environmentally friendly containers is just a small way to diminish one's carbon footprint. Many small actions together have a much greater reaction.