Plymouth County

set sail for virgina

Leaving England

In September of 1620 a religious group set sail for Virginia on the Mayflower. The pilgrims were separatists, or people who want to break away from the king's church of England. Every one in England had to be a member or had to attend to the church, but the pilgrims did not like the church. So, they set sail to make their own church and colony

The Mayflower

The Mayflower was the ship that transported the first separatists known as Pilgrims. Its estimated that the passengers were about 102 and the crew was 30 but the true number is unknown.
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The Mayflower in the Plymouth harbor in 1882


The Speedwell was the smaller one of the one other which was the Mayflower they both transported the pilgrims from england to virginia about 350 miles past Land's end in cornwall. Both ships finally reached Plymouth.They found a leek caused by a loose board 2 ft long in the Speedwell.

The Plymouth colony

Plymouth (sometimes new Plymouth,or Plymouth bay colony) was an english colonial venture from 1620 to 1691 . The first Plymouth colony was at New Plymouth. This land was previously surveyed and named by captain john smith. The settlement was the central of the colony. The modern city of Plymouth, Massachusetts at its height covered most of the southeastern part of Massachusetts.

The first winter in Plymouth

The Mayflower docked on December 21,1620 at what would later be the settlement of Plymouth. Immediately they started planing houses but the plans had to be delayed because the bad weather conditions until December 23. In December the colonists suffered greatly over illnesses like scurvy. They did not have good shelter so they went to the ship but it wasn't to great either. Some of the working men were to infirm to work 45 out of 102 immigrants died and were buried on Cole's Hill thus only seven residents (out of the planned nineteen ) and only four common homes were constructed in the first winter.