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Cox Mill HS - Student Support Services (S3) - 10.14.20

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CMHS Return to School Info

Plan B: Back to School

Next week marks a milestone for our Charger Family as some of us return back to campus. For those who opted for F2F instruction, we look forward to seeing you. For those who chose to remain virtual, we totally understand and are eager to "see" you in classes in a new way each day. No matter which Plan B option you selected, we're all in this together!

Are you a freshmen or new to Cox Mill? We know that coming to campus when you've never set foot in the building may feel a little stressful. We have set up an event that will help you to feel better. Please plan to attend our New Charger Virtual Orientation on October 15 at 7 pm. Visit the CMHS homepage for details on how to connect to this event.

Anyone returning to campus will need to follow all the proper procedures set in place to keep us all safe. Be sure to watch this Return to School Info video so you will know what to do. You should also read this Plan B FAQ information and check back for updates. It bears repeating that WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! Our faculty and staff will be here to support you in person or virtually as we all move to this next phase.

Bus Passes

Please check your school email for information regarding your bus pass. If you have any questions or concerns, please email Ms. Kincaid from your school email address only.

Wellness Wednesday Topic: Self Care

As we prepare to transition to Plan B, it would be natural for us to feel stress. Change is exciting but it can also be stressful. Times of change are some of the most important moments to practice good self care.

Here are some self care tips we should all keep handy as we change from Plan C to Plan B.

The video linked below is a great public service video from Australia. (I love Australian accents!) If you need them, use these local contacts instead of those shared at the end of the video.

Scope: All about self-care

Classroom Carousel

Whose classroom is this anyway? Can you figure out which teachers' classrooms are captured in these pics? If not, what do the context clues tell you about the subjects taught in these classrooms?
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Click of the Week: Schedule Changes for Spring 2021

This year's schedule change window will be from NOVEMBER 1 - 15. Juniors & Seniors requesting new CCP courses or CCP course changes must submit those requests and all required materials by NOVEMBER 6.

Charger Staff Playlist - Ms. Coccaro, Social Studies

We invited your teachers, bus drivers, counselors, support staff, custodians, administrators, cafeteria staff, and every other adult who works at Cox Mill High School to share the songs that are on their "Playlist for Students." This week's selection is from Ms. Coccaro, Social Studies. As we move to Plan B, let's pause and enjoy the moment!

#maskup #planB #stillstanding #wegotthis #gochargers #together

Elton John - I'm Still Standing
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Senior Stress

Seniors are working diligently on college applications while trying to balance the hard work of senior year courses. If you are feeling stressed, be sure to take a time out and practice some good self care. One thing your counselors want you to know because it will relieve some of your stress: some colleges extend deadlines for counselors and teachers to submit their portions of your applications (ex. upload recommendations and transcripts). Your deadline is not necessarily the counselor/teacher deadline. Reach out if you're really worried or check with the college to see if they extend their deadline for counselor and teacher portions. Don't stress! We got this!

Here are a few events that may help/benefit you this week:

October 14 - NACAC Virtual College Fair

October 14 - Queen City Virtual HBCU Showcase (follow link for list of schools)

October 14 - Virtual Financial Aid Night

October 16 - Virtual College Visits at CMHS (follow link for list of schools)

October 19 - Queen City Virtual HBCU Showcase follow link for list of schools)

October 19 - 30 - College Application Week

Art Gallery - Celebrity Head Swap (Digital Photography)

SEL (Social Emotional Learning)

This week's SEL topic was "Perspective Taking." What do you see when you look at these images? Take your device to your Mom and/or Dad and ask them what they see. Do you see the same thing as your parents? What about a friend? Send the link to some friends and ask what they see. Do you all share the same perspective?

Perspective -- or way of seeing the world -- is an incredible thing. Perspective allows two people in the same time and space to have completely different experiences of the exact same thing.

Perspective Taking is the ability to step outside of your own point of view for a moment and see someone else's. It can be really, really hard at first. When our mind tells us we see a young woman in an image but our friend tells us they see an old woman (see accompanying image), it is nearly impossible to get beyond our own perception. As our friend shows us what s/he sees by giving us clues and information that allows us to shift and make room for the possibility that there may also be something other than what we see at first glance. In the case of the image accompanying this, we see that a nose is also a chin...we see that one woman is looking away while another is looking down. It's an amazing feeling when "the light comes on" and we see both things are possible! That's Perspective Changing!

How do you change your perspective? Start by realizing that your perspective comes from the information available and absorbed at the time your perception is formed. Then, consider things from a different perspective than your own. What if what you think had another side...kind of like a coin?

You don't have to change your mind and own someone else's perspective; that's not what Perspective Changing is about. The goal is simply to understand and allow for the possibility that other perspectives exist and may be equally valid and true.

Things that shape or perspectives:

  • experiences
  • values
  • personality traits
  • information available
  • personal biases
  • physical position
  • your role
  • and more
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Cox Mill HS - Student Support Services (S3)

Students experiencing or concerned about a mental health crisis should immediately contact the closest adult or call emergency services.