The best friend a boy could have

How I Think Of You

Although we have our ups and downs I've always thought of you as more than just a friend you are like a sister to me and infect I kind of have crush on you. you're like family to me. I hope your surgery goes well. we joke and tease but were always friends infect I think we've never been in a fight before. you are nice kind and caring you are very funny and can always put a smile on my face. When you weir my hat a feel I get a tingly feeling in my stomach that you feel the same about me! wondering if you were are going to be sleeping at the hospital or going home after either way my mom said I could come visit you if you were lonely or wanted to hang out.{ house or hospital} I could put a smile on your face! and BTW after surgery at the hospital if you want my mom said I could come visit if you are aloud to have visitors! I can do anything if you're bored at home or are feeling down I'll be that awkward boy nurse that tells all the jokes to get you're mind off it!