Learning's a Hoot! February Issue

A Newsletter Collaboration of Ms. Clarke's Grade 4 Wise Owls

Report Cards Go Home!

Friday, Feb. 12th, 3:45pm

89 Vista Boulevard

Mississauga, ON

Dear Grade 4 Families,

Your Grade 4 child will be bringing home the 1st Term Report Card on Friday, February 12th, 2016. Please review and celebrate with your child her/his strengths and support her/him to set goals for improving skills. Please sign the 4th page cut off and return in the Report Card Envelope to school with your child the following Monday. Please keep the Report Card for your records. An interview form for those students' parents that I wish to meet has been inserted in the Report Card Envelope. As always I am available by phone to discuss your child's progress in school. Thank you so much! Ms. Clarke

Ms. Clarke, Grade 4 Teacher, Vista Heights Public School

I have been a proud Peel Elementary Teacher since 1998. My two key mottos are "Be kinder than is necessary!" and "Better late than never, but it's best to be on time!" I am building my class website and will inform you through Class Dojo Messenger when it will be live.

Please contact me at the school at any time you may have questions about your child's learning day. Email communication is strictly for assignment, homework and event information only. If you have questions or concerns about your child's learning or health needs please phone me at the school or send a brief note with your child. All requests for contact will be responded to within 48 hours.

Thank you Ms. Clarke