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My name is Samuel Crompton I was born on December 3,1753 firewood,near Bolton, Lancashire England and I was an English inventor and a pioneer of the spinning industry


I have invented a hybrid of the spinning jenny and the water frame and the invention is called the spinning mule. The spinning mule was used to make it possible to work more than 1,000 spindles simultaneously, and was capable of spinning fine as well as coarse yarn.

Problems that it solved and why it was created

To produce a strong,fine and soft yarn which could be used in all kinds of textiles.

People no longer had to weave yarn by hand they could use the machine

How it works

The spinning mule spins textile fibers into yarn by an intermittent process,in the draw stroke the roving is pulled through rollers and twisted and on the return it is wrapped onto the spindle

Advantages the invention had over the previous way of life and how it changed the nature of work

The yarn produced by the spinning mule was strong,smooth,and of the highest quality and also produced a finer,smoother and more elastic yarn while the spinning jenny was too coarse and rough for fine grass yarn and the yarn tended to break

Who will benefit from this invention,how it will make life easier, and how it changed society

Factory owners,mill workers,textile industry

It will make productivity increase with the help of the machine

It will change the way some people live because some woman and children go from living on a quiet farm to a busy city

Who is going to be hurt or lose out from this invention

Samuel Crompton because since he gave up his rights to the machine and he made very little to money off of it