Angela's Answers

for Plexus A-Team Ambassadors & Customers

February 2016 - Issue #4

Doing a Cleanse Using ProBio5 and BioCleanse: Go Slowly!

If you're new to BioCleanse and ProBio5, it's important to start SLOWLY. If your body isn't used to taking probiotics, it can be a bit unpleasant if you go overboard. Here's a suggested way to begin your cleanse...

Days 1-7:

1 BioCleanse between lunch & dinner

1 ProBio5 at bedtime*

Days 7-14:

2 BioCleanse between lunch & dinner

2 ProBio5 at bedtime**

The above is just a suggestion. It doesn't hurt at all to go even slower. If you're not sure, ask your Ambassador for more information on the right way to start and continue your products!

*If you are having ZERO side affects, you can up your ProBio5 by 1 each week. Increasing your dose too quickly can leave you feeling bloated, constipated, or tired. Really listen to your body... If you're feeling bloated, constipated and you're on 1 Probio 5, that will usually subside in a few days. Drink your water to really help FLUSH everything out.

**If you're on 2-3 ProBio5 and you're having uncomfortable symptoms, back down until your symptoms subside. Taking 2000mg of EsterC 24 hour Immune support can help ease symptoms. Many people work their way up to a dose of 4 ProBio5s per day and then back down to 2-3 per day as a maintenance dose. There is no MAGIC recipe to your Probio5's. You just really need to listen to your body and be accountable for your diet.

Spotlight on: Plexus Body Cream

Guess what? I have SAMPLES of Plexus Body Cream! This stuff is amazing on everything from burns to stretch marks! If you want to try it out, message me and someone on the team will send you one.

Plexus Body Cream is a unique skin renewing cream with Spirulina Algae and Activated Charcoal! Initial reports say that Plexus Body Cream has been found to revitalize the skin over the entire body of both men and women.

The effective detoxifying action is promoted by Spirulina Algae, plus the new addition of Activated Charcoal, to remove age-advancing toxins and impurities from the skin. These ingredients are carried into the skin's layers on a Rich Blend of Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera Gel), Sweet Almond Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Lavender Oil and Rosaceae Oil.

Plexus Sip N' See

Sunday, Feb. 28th, 2pm

1015 Bay Ridge Avenue

Annapolis, MD

If you're an Annapolis, Maryland area local, come learn more about Plexus products and how the business is helping so many. Current customers and Ambassadors are encouraged to attend! Bring a friend that wants to learn more about Plexus. Every guest will receive a free sample and get an entry for a giveaway!

Here's the link to the event on Facebook:

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

What if this could change everything?

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