About me project

Jonathan almonte period five

Bizarre or funny story about me

In second grade I was on the monkey bars and another kid came running and pulled down my pants

My positive motto for this year

My positive motto i like to keep in mind and for others to think about is " you can do anything thing you set your mind to" - Benjamin Franklin.

3 Of my favorite belongings

3 words i would use to describe myself


I know how could the one blow this one make sense then. i am just shy when i am on the spot you will notice if i am standing I will start to crack my knuckles or twiddle my thumbs. Sometimes I will bite my cheek.


I wont make fun of you cause what you wear sometimes I do think about it but i try my best not to. If someone wasn't kind to me it hardly to be easy going.


meaning if you sit next to me i want to know your name your not just going to sit there

1 of my favorite smells

1 of my favorite aromas are mango-orange ice cream. It reminds me of going to panama to visit my relatives we use to go and get them in cones on the really hot days.

A Graduation Letter

Congratulations Jonathan on graduating from RHS. Your goal was to graduate valedictorian most definitely you did just that. It wasn't easy I know and you should be very proud of your self for doing so. Not many people can say they got their diploma or say they were valedictorian but you can so congrats. now we are going to go tackle the next thing ... A job

My list of favorites

favorite actor: John Claude van dame. favorite actress: idk. favorite song: blessing k camp favorite band: I don't have one. favorite athlete: stephe curry. favorite book: the giving tree. favorite food: potato scallops. favorite class: language arts. favorite teacher: mrs. Haynes. best friend: Bryan. favorite television show: arrow. favorite car: eclipse gsx. favorite summertime activity: swim at the pool. favorite weekend activity: play video games. and favorite movie: Elsa and Fred.

5 Life Goals

  1. Graduate valedictorian
  2. Go to college
  3. Become a computer programmer
  4. Own a mclaren
  5. Have a nice house