Apple Products

The Legendary of the legends


In 1976, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, started a company. Not knowing of their great success in the future, Jobs, Wayne, and Wozniak worked hastily in the garage, behind Steve Job's house.

Apple's Founders

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs all through his life loved technology. When he was nine he nearly broke his typewriter trying to re-fix it after he'd took it apart to see if he could fix it. When Steve got through his school and enrolled into Reed college, Steve joined all the clubs dealing with either robots, and or computers. After two years in college, (1972-1974) Jobs dropped out of college and found Steven Wozniak.

Steven Wozniak

Steven Wozniak was always a great student and always got good grades but like Jobs he was also always in trouble. This is due to his curiosity and him always wondering what all can a computer do and seeing what he can add to make the technology better. At the age of 21, Wozniak had finished high school and had a job at Hewlett Packard, a business dealing with computer of course where he met jobs and he was amazed of how quickly they became friends
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