Thursday's Thoughts

December 7, 2017

Christmas Party

We hope you plan to come to our Christmas party next Wednesday, December 13th at 3;20. Do not forget to sign up if you are coming. We have to have accurate numbers for our gift giving event. Sign up in the conference room.

Sandra Goff

I hope you learned new ideas today with Sandra Goff that you can implement to in your classrooms.

Classroom Christmas Parties

Parties will begin at 1:30 Friday with the exception of 2nd grade due to their related arts schedule. Please have a sign-out sheet so that parents can sign students out in your classrooms and not in the office.

Masquerade Ball

We are excited about our ball next Thursday. Come dressed in your best and enjoy the ball!

Share Table

Please encourage all of your students to come through the breakfast line each day. We are going to have a share table in our cafeteria starting tomorrow. Students can go through the line and place items that are shelf stable items on the share table. Those items can then be picked up by other students to have as their mid-morning snack. Many of our students do not bring snack to class each day and this is a way for them to have a snack. Please talk this up and tell your students about the share table. The food will remain on the table until 10:00 every morning and is there for students who are hungry. Thank you for your help with this!


Remember to take attendance each day by 8:15. Also, make sure your attendance is correct. Parents receive a call when their child is absent or tardy and there have been cases when a child has been marked wrong.

Thank you!

Have a great evening!